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How to book

 On this site you can find the instructions how to book your stay. In case of your questions please contact us +420 774 22 77 11. We will be pleased to help you.

Send an inquiry

Have you decided for your holiday with

On each site of the offered accomodation you can fill in and send form. Confirmation of the successful sending you will receive in your e-mail immediately.

Answer of your order

We will inform you immediately (but till 24 hours the latest) to the contact we received and then confirm free capacity or offer other possibilities eventually.

What to do if you didn´t receive the answer?

There could be the technical failure in sending emails therefore the best way is to call us +420 774 22 77 11 to clear your requirements or email us.
Advance payment and confirmation

Your apartment is booked for 3 days only therefore we ask you for advance payment (you will be informed about charge via e-mail, there is also ……  attached in this email.) Your ordered services will be guaranteed after receiving your advance payment.
In case your advance payment won´t be payed till deadline, your order will be cancelled.
In case you aren´t able to pay the advance payment from whichever reasons (f.ex. time reasons) please contact us.
At which moment can I be sure you received my advance payment?
While paying the advance payment make sure you fill in the variable symbol carefully. (see in our documents)
It is crucial to fill it in because of assignment of your payment to your booking.
At the moment of assignment of your advance payment we send confirmation, voucher and additional information to you. 

What to do in case the order can´t be sent?
Obviously at this point is a technical fault on the world wide web. Send us an e-mail to or contact us by phone.