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Botanická zahrada Kotišina

Located on the coastal slopes of the mountain slope above the village Kotišina , at an altitude of 350-500 meters and is an integral part of the nature park mountain . The garden was founded by Dr. Fra Jure Radic ( 1920th-1990th ) , a Franciscan priest and scholar , for the purpose of scientific research and monitoring , protection and preservation and popularization of dating and fauna of the mountain slope.
Biokovo botanical garden is a botanical garden in the classical sense where each plant brought by certain rules , but is designed as a " walled part of nature ," which will retain natural vegetation forms with the native flora .
In a relatively small area of 16.5 ha are very diverse habitats such as rocky , scree , precipitous cliffs , farmland and Proslap canyon with waterfall of the same name that is dry most of the year , and quickened during heavy rains .
On the surface Biokovo botanical garden Kotišina was found about 300 wild plant species , typical of the Mediterranean to the mountains, and in some areas were planted exotics , agricultural and medicinal herbs .
In the spring and early summer garden is the most luxurious and abundant floral variety , while in the rest of the year it can always find a few hidden flower . Throughout the garden are several hiking trails , and the main entrance to the rock carved words . Because of its natural and cultural attractions of the village and its Kotišina Botanical Garden attract tourists and visitors not only during the summer season, but the user interface throughout the year .
Local hiking society already characterized the surrounding hiking trails that are part suitable for cyclists . In the Botanical Garden Kotišina cares This Park ( ) .